Today’s society demands that you look presentable when you are in public. In fact, looking neat and tidy or beautiful for that matter does help you feel more accepted and self-confident too. The thing is it will take a little effort from your end to groom yourself, and in this article, we will show you a few areas that must be taken into consideration.

Why look good?brfedk

While some may argue that there is no reason to look good, we beg to differ. When you have spent time on yourself, it shows that you want to be better. It indicates that you have a desire to improve and it will pass the message onto others around you. This applies to both men and women so here are a few area that each can look at if they want to make themselves presentable.


Many agree that women spend more time fixing themselves up. They will use makeup like powder, lipstick, nail polish and a mason pearson brush to get their hair in order. However, there are a few thing that you must keep in mind if you want to look good but not do too much that would make you look fake.

Use natural colors

When you use colors that are too dark, it may hide your real beauty. When you start applying powder, use one that is closer to your natural skin color. Lipstick should not be too dark or too shiny. People like those who give a more natural beauty than those who try to cover up with too much makeup. The hairstyle you wear should match the shape of your face and head so that it compliments you. Make sure you shave or wax your legs and hands regularly so that it makes your skin smooth and bright.


For men, it is much easier to stay neat and handsome. Having a neat hairdo being clean shaven or having a properly trimmed beard is important to keeping up looks. Make sure you always manicure your fingernails so that they are neat and no dirt of dust collects under them. Men are not required to shave their body even though there are some people who say that a man should also shave his chest hair and underarms.


Looking attractive, neat and tidy can get you into many places and will create a great first impression on people you meet.

A guide on how to look attractive
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