An epilator is a beauty and an electronic health device used to remove hair right from the follicle. It has rotating discs, springs or mechanical tweezers that grasp multiple unwanted hairs and pulls them out by the root. Epilators work almost the same way as tweezing or waxing and thus is very efficient in removing hair from the legs, bikini area, face, arms, and underarms.

Different types of epilators have their set of accessories and features made to meet the needs or requirements of different consumers. It’s thus worthwhile take into consideration some important factors when buying one.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing an epilator.


Epilators prices range from 30 dollars to 120 dollars. It’s a matter of personal choice which one to buy. Look at the epilator comparison table and choose the best one for you. It doesn’t really matter if one buys an expensive or a cheap epilator as long as performance satisfaction is met.


  • The epilation

process can be really painful because it removes the hair right from the follicle by pulling it out forcefully or rapidly. Also, if being used for the first time, the session and process will be slightly longer and painful. To reduce the pain level, some epilators come with accessories such as a cooling pack. This is a key factor when buying an epilator.

  • Number of Tweezers

333oiuDifferent epilators are designed with varying number of tweezers. Fetweezers doesn’t necessarily mean inferior service but that the epilation duration will slightly elongate as one will need to epilate a certain area more than once. Likewise, numerous tweezers don’t translate to better epilating experience as is can increase the pain. This can easily scare away new users.

  • Wet or Dry option

Most often, the epilating process works much better on dry skin, some people prefer wet epilation simply because it is friendlier to the skin and thus drastically reduces pain levels. Wet epilators are designed to be used underwater or in the showers.

  • Where to use the epilator on the body

Some women use the epilator for arms and legs. But should it be for use on other areas such as the bikini line, underarms or face, there’s a need to shop for an epilator with special heads. Please note that it isn’t advisable to use an epilator made specifically for large areas on sensitive body parts or skin.

  • Speed setting

333erwMost of the epilators come with two-speed settings. However, there are still some models with only one-speed setting. For beginners, it may be advisable to use a 2-speed epilator option on sensitive areas of the body. This way, one can easily set the speed to fast or low depending on the level of pain.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing An Epilator
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